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CHILD, Inc. published newsletters from 1984 to 2017.  They are presented here in the public interest and as a resource for researchers and child advocates.  Immediately below are all the digitized newsletters from the last 16 years. Further down are those older newsletters which have been scanned from their original printed hard copies.

Volume titles indicate the lead story in that issue. Other articles are listed in the Table of Contents on the front page and there are bookmarked sub-headings as well.

2017      – Idaho–worst in nation

Volume 1Victory in Tennessee
Volume 2Court finds children in polygamous sect exploited
Volume 3 & 4 (combined)The Dyer Trial

Volume 1Tide turns against personal belief exemptions
Volume 2Review: Paul Offit’s ‘Bad Faith’
Volume 3Abuse and neglect in Twelve Tribes
Volume 4Court denies reimbursement for Christian Science training programs

Volume 1Belief-related deaths of adopted children
Volume 2Child neglect in faith-healing sect heard by state supreme court
Volume 3Last Oregon Faith Death?
Volume 4Largest measles outbreak since 1991

Volume 1Pennsylvania religious objectors lose a second baby
Volume 2Thirty years and counting (30th anniversary issue)
Volume 3Religion-based medical neglect kills another Oregon child

Volume 1Washington State parents sentenced in teen’s faith death
Volume 2Oklahoma mom sentenced to prison in son’s faith-death
Volume 3Oregon Church of the Firstborn parents sentenced in son’s death
Volume 4Mom and baby die in anti-medical sect; grandparents win wrongful death suit

Volume 1Victory in Oregon (A 2nd time; see Newsletter 1999 #4)
Volume 2Parents sentenced for Biblical chastisement
Volume 3Do private schools have adequate protections from child abuse?
Volume 4Followers sentenced to long prison terms in baby’s death

Volume 1Followers of Christ parents sentenced in son’s death
Volume 2Followers charged for medical neglect
Volume 3First-Century Gospel case heads for trial
Volume 4CAPTA reauthorized; almost no improvement on CHILD’s issues

Volume 1Supreme Court of Canada upholds transfusion order
Volume 2Ancient & Modern Exorcism, alias Laying on of Hands, Denounced
Volumes 3 & 4 (combined)Church fails to get prayer-fee mandates in health care bills

Volume 1Reckless homicide charges filed in diabetic girl’s death
Volume 2Massachusetts legislature again rejects church bill
Volume 3Belief exemptions lead to outbreaks of vaccine-preventable disease

Volume 1Parents get life plus thirty years in fatal beating
Volume 2Pastor and trainer charged with abuse at boot camp
Volume 3International Cult Studies Association Conference
Volume 4Boy dies after refusing blood

Volume 1Religion-based abuse claims frustrate states
Volume 2Defeat in Iowa again
Volume 3Federal court upholds metabolic screening law
Volume 4Behavior modification programs: A year of deaths and lawsuits

Volume 1Nebraska Supreme Court rejects religious exemption from metabolic screening
Volume 2Prosecutor won’t file charges in boot camp death
Volume 3Indiana faith healers sentenced in baby’s death
Volume 4Some 2005 State Legislation

Volume 1Methodist Church opposes corporal punishment
Volume 2Victory in Rhode Island
Volume 3Sect mother convicted of assault in baby’s starvation death
Volume 4More warning bells ignored by Florida lawmakers

Volume 1Chicken Little
Volume 2A victory in Missouri
Volume 3Religious objectors let three children die
Volume 4Model for health laws improves

Volume 1Testimonials of Christian Science Healing Do Not Have Scientific Value
Volume 2Pastor and members convicted for church whippings faith-death
Volume 3Arizona legislature rejects Christian Science exemption
Volume 4God’s law, Caesar’s law, and suffering children

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The older “analog” newsletters below are provided as a rich historical record of the work and the issues that CHILD has been involved in since its inception. As you might expect, the visual quality of these older, mostly typewritten newsletters varies from issue to issue. All are readable, however, and the pdf’s are searchable.

Volume 1 & 2 (combined)Victory in Colorado
Volume 3Daycare charged in Florida toddler’s death; advocates call for exemption repeal

Volume 1United Methodist Church opposes religious exemption in federal child abuse law
Volume 2Jehovah’s Witnesses drop prohibitions against some transfusions
Volume 3Nixons’ conviction upheld; CHILD filed amicus brief in case
Volume 4Anatomy of an acquittal

Volume 1 & 2 {combined)Florida parents charged for medical neglect
Volume 3Oral arguments held in CHILD suit
Volume 4Victory in Oregon

Volume 1Oral arguments set in CHILD suit
Volume 290 deaths of kids found in Followers of Christ
Volume 3Florida boy likely suffered for hours
Volume 4Repeal bill introduced in Oregon

Volume 1Justice Department realigns to CHILD’S side in suit
Volume 2Faith Tabernacle parents convicted for second child’s death
Volume 3CHILD files second suit against payments for Christian Science nursing
Volume 4Tetanus strikes unvaccinated Amish child

Volume 1Liability of Christian Scientists upheld
Volume 21995 Annual Report
Volume 3CHILD wins ruling against public money for Christian Science nursing
Volume 4Federal government enacts religious exemption from parental duty of care

Volume 1Federal court grants standing for exemption suit
Volume 2Lundman defendants ask High Court for review
Volume 3Federal government may enact religious exemption from parental duty of care

Volume 1Victory in Massachusetts
Volume 2Legislative Alert: Healthcare Reform
Volume 3Maryland is #4

Volume 1Tough choice saved daughter
Volume 2Twitchell conviction overturned; duty to get medical care upheld
Volume 3Jury awards $14.2 million in boy’s death

Volume 1Victory in Hawaii
Volume 2Kidnapped baby returned to hospital
Volume 3Florida conviction of Christian Scientists overturned
Volume 4Struggle for children’s rights in Massachusetts

Volume 1Suit filed against Christian Science church and agents in diabetes death
Volume 2Prosecutors call for repeal of religious exemptions]
Volume 3End Timers charged in Florida for daughter’s death
Volume 4Medical neglect in the context of religious beliefs (A special issue of the talk given by CHILD President at the San Diego Conference on Responding to Child Maltreatment)

Volume 1Ohio repeals immunity laws
Volume 2Christian Science mom convicted of manslaughter
Volume 3Christian Science parents convicted of manslaughter in Boston
Volume 4National Committee for Prevention of Child Abuse opposes religious exemptions

Volume 1Christian Scientists convicted in daughter’s death
Volume 2End Time baby dies without medical care
Volume 3Christian Scientists guilty in daughter’s death
Volume 4Christian Scientists plead no contest to reckless endangerment

Winter     – American Academy of Pediatrics opposes religious exemptions
Spring     – Promised a Miracle to air on CBS
Summer   – Christian Science Parents Charged With Negligent Homicide in Arizona
Fall         – Child Beaten to Deathin Oregon Commune

Winter     – Faith used as defense in child’s death
Spring     – Second Ohio judge rules religious exemption unconstitutional
Summer   – Untreated childhood infections take life of CHILD member
Fall         – Convicted Faith Assembly parents agree to medical care

Winter     – Three Kansas childbirth deaths tied to Church of the First Born
Spring     – Child of Christian Scientists dies in suburban Boston
Summer   – House of Judah leaders charged with conspiracy in child’s death
Fall         – Christian Scientists arrested for murder in death of diabetic child

Winter     – CHILD’s interest in consumer protection recognized
Spring     – Another death of Christian Science child in California
Summer   – Defeat in Indiana
Fall         – Christian Science institutions spread another measles outbreak

Spring     – Greetings, CHILD, Inc. Members!
Summer   – What does CHILD, Inc. Do?
Fall         – Federal Victory–the long haul

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