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UK launches plan to stop faith-based child abuse 3/31/2015
Vaccine refusal helped fuel Disneyland measles outbreak, study says 3/16/2015
Fundamentalist belief in demonic possession has real-life dangers 3/12/2015
(For more details on the Arkansas exorcism story, see “Casting Out Demons” and other articles in the Arkansas Times.) 3/12/2015

“Parents’ Beliefs vs. Their Children’s Health”, a debate 3/11/2015
Doctor to Legislators: Refusing Medical Care Isn’t Religious Freedom 3/9/2015
Intent behind Idaho parental rights bill questioned 3/1/2015
Idaho’s faith-healing debate pits child welfare against parental rights 2/22/2015
Toddler’s death highlights religious exemption for daycares 6/29/2012
California measles outbreak is up to 87 cases in 7 states, Mexico 1/26/2015
“Faith over Medicine”, a CNN video report on child faith-deaths among the Idaho Followers of Christ 1/19/2015
Aboriginal child dies after relying on indigenous remedies for leukemia 1/19/2015
Perfect storm at Disneyland for measles outbreak 1/14/2015
Vaccine policy upheld over religious objections 1/7/2015
Conviction upheld of father who subjected son to religious dietary beliefs 12/23/2014
Oregon Church of the Firstborn parents get 10-year sentences in the death of their 12-year-old daughter 12/19/2014
Strict belief-based diet contributes to child’s death 12/17/2014
Why does God kill so many children in Idaho? 11/17/2014
Parents found guilty of manslaughter in faith death of daughter 11/10/2014
Rossiter trial in hands of the jury 11/10/2014
Rossiter trial continues: Relatives and former teacher testify 11/7/2014
Rossiter faith-death trial continues: Medical examiner and church members testify 11/6/2014
Day 1 of Rossiter trial: Opening arguments heard in faith-healing couple’s manslaughter trial 11/4/2014
Catholic clergy oppose HPV vaccine in Canada 9/21/2014
Judge grants religious exemption from testifying about child labor violations 9/16/2014
The case of eight Idaho boys, removed from abusive home of FLDS leader, mishandled in court? 9/1/2014
Texas infant dies in anti-medical sect; no charges filed 8/11/2014
Vaccine fears can lead to babies getting brain bleeds 7/28/2014
Judge denies right to religious exemption from immunizations 6/22/2014
Pertussis epidemic declared in California 6/13/2014
Judge: Faith-healing beliefs are evidence in trial 5/28/2014
Utah researchers: Polygamy is inherently harmful 5/6/2014
(To read the research paper:
Polygamy: Not ‘Big Love’ But Significant Harm 4/28/2014
Oregon Supreme Court rules state can immunize children in its custody 4/25/2014
Tennessee high court to hear faith-healing case 4/22/2014
Religious cult leader charged with 59 counts of sexual abuse of minors 4/18/2014
Time to end vaccine opt-outs? 4/7/2014
Video: ABC Nightline Prime report on the Church of Wells and a recent child faith-death 4/5/2014
Health officials worried about new clusters of measles outbreaks 3/3/2014
Massachusetts religious exemption brings in fraud and waste 2/28/2014
Idaho faith-healing bill won’t get hearing 2/26/2014
Oregon Church of First Born parents set for trial in faith-death of daughter 2/20/2014
Pennsylvania Pentecostal couple sentenced in second baby’s faith-death
Bill introduced to modify faith-healing exemption in Idaho’s injury-to-a-child crime laws 2/7/2014
Faith-healing exemption in Washington state gets scrutiny 2/6/2014
Judges orders Wisconsin couple in prayer-death to jail 1/30/2014
New case of neonatal herpes infection following ritual Jewish circumcision 1/28/2014
Religious circumcisions not subject to Pennsylvania oversight 1/25/2014
Washington state bill: Christian Science prayer for children no longer a legal substitute for medical care 1/17/2014
Video report: Idaho Interfaith Alliance backs bill to prevent faith-deaths of children 1/17/2014
Idaho legislator champions bill to curb faith-deaths of children 1/16/2014
Video report: Idaho state representative and former Followers of Christ adherent advocate for changes to laws which lead to medically preventable child deaths] 1/16/2014
Philadelphia couple pleads no contest to third-degree murder in infant son’s faith death 11/14/2013
Child-rape assembly line among Satmar Hasidim charged 11/11/2013
Fundamentalists sentenced in death of Ethiopian adoptee 11/9/2013
Followers of Christ in Idaho: At least ten more child deaths uncovered 11/7/2013
(See also Part 2 of the investigation, autopsy reports on 12 dead children, and the Story behind the story
And this report from 2011: Two Idaho children die in faith-healing sect; religious exemption prevents prosecution)

Religious handbook parents given 65 years for killing adopted daughter 10/30/2013
Pediatricians oppose religious exemptions and public funding for unproven care 10/28/2013.
(See full American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement)

UK investigates Twelve Tribes for severe corporal punishment 9/29/2013
Measles outbreak in Dutch bible belt 9/10/2013
Oregon Church of the Firstborn girl dies of diabetes 8/29/2013
Texas measles outbreak linked to church 8/25/2013
New Hampshire Supreme Court rejects religious privilege; state law requires clergy to report abuse without confidentiality exception 8/22/2013
Schaibles lose bid to dismiss homicide charges 8/10/2013
Child sex abuse coverup among Orthodox Jews 7/22/2013
Wisconsin Supreme Court chooses not to rule on “mature minor” case 7/10/2013
CHILD Press Release: Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds child homicide convictions 7/3/2013
(See also CHILD Newsletter number 1, 2008 for the original story on Madeline Kara Neumann.)

Court upholds parents’ convictions in prayer death 7/3/2013
CHILD President’s Op-Ed: Protect children and faith with religion-neutral laws 6/25/2013
CHILD member speaks on injury from Christian Science practice 5/29/2013.
Homicide charges filed in second child’s death 5/22/2013.
(See also CHILD Newsletter number 3, 2010 for story on death of the first child.)

Babies’ herpes linked to circumcision practice 4/8/2013
Wisconsin Supreme Court to rule on religious exemption to felony child abuse 3/25/2013
Infant and mom die in anti-medical sect 2/20/2013
Arizona places foster kids in polygamist enclave 1/11/2013
Faith healer got medical care for himself, but not for child 1/7/2013
Tennessee faith healer charged in girl’s death dies 12/20/2012
Wisconsin Supreme Court to rule on religious exemption in diabetic girl’s death 12/4/2012
Canadian Supreme Court rejects religious rationale for home circumcision, upholds abuse conviction 11/17/2012
Abuses in Florida’s unlicensed religious group homes 10/27/2012
Manitoba uses public money for “spiritual health coordinators” 9/24/2012
Oregon parents given probation in son’s faith death 9/19/2012
CHILD letter to Colorado governor opposing insurance reimbursements for prayers 8/14/2012
Presbyterians pass resolutions against corporal punishment 7/7/2012
Texas baby dies after sect withholds medical care 7/1/2012
First Catholic official convicted of sex abuse coverup 6/22/2012
North Dakota voters reject measure to remove all limits on religious practices 6/12/2012
Church of Firstborn mother convicted of 2nd degree manslaughter in death of son 5/26/2012
Video interview: CHILD President speaks about Oklahoma child deaths 5/23/2012
Video interview: Rita Swan on Oklahoma’s religious exemptions 5/22/2012
Mom and pastor convicted in faith death; questions on religious exemption law preserved for appeal 5/8/2012
United Methodist Church renews policies against corporal punishment 5/4/2012
CHILD honorary member promotes vaccine information bill 4/29/2012
Another faith death in Oklahoma 4/26/2012
Black Earth pastor found guilty in child abuse 3/21/2012
2nd NYC infant dies after circumcision ritual 3/7/2012
“Moyers & Company” Video story: Moyers asks if exemptions are fair to all 2/24/2012
Oregon Church of the Firstborn parents charged in son’s death 2/11/2012

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