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For the most part, the listings below link to articles in the CHILD Newsletter Archive in which the named denomination is a major factor in either a case or an issue.  It is not an exhaustive list, as there are a number of denominations or offshoot congregations which have only a handful of members. Most of those are not listed here unless they underline a significant policy issue.

Each link should take you directly to the article; if it does not, it will take you to the first page of the relevant newsletter where you can find what you’re looking for in the table of contents. The newsletters are all keyword searchable.

Abundant Life Ministries
Daycare charged in Florida toddler’s death; advocates call for exemption repeal 2001

Aletheia Bible Church
Biblical punishment and shunning in Wisconsin 2011

Surgery ordered for Amish child 2009
Amish win exemption from child labor laws 2008
Former Amish child laborer speaks out 2008
Amish diet may cause protein malnutrition 2006
Polio strikes Amish children again 2005
Abuse in Amish communities 2004
Fines issued after 13-year-old injured at work site 1999
Religious exemption for Amish reintroduced 1998
Tetanus strikes unvaccinated Amish child 1997
Amish teen stricken with tetanus 1994
Whooping cough kills Amish infant 1988

Assembly of God
Exorcism in the churches and the courts 2009
Promised a Miracle to air on CBS 1988

Bapticostal Church, Victory Christian
West Virginia immunization law upheld; religious exemption not constitutionally mandated 2009

Black Hebrew Israelites (aka House of Judah)
Raw-foods parents acquitted in baby’s death 2005
House of Judah leaders charged with conspiracy in child’s death 1986
Black Hebrew Israelites accused of child abuse 1986
Mother convicted of involuntary manslaughter for beating death of son 1984

Body of Christ, The
Sect mother convicted of assault in baby’s starvation death 2004

Christian Science
History of Washington state’s privilege for Christian Science 2012
Supreme Court upholds health insurance mandate 2012
CS church pushes for prayer-fee mandate in Utah 2011
Competing bills on religious exemptions both fail in Wisconsin 2010
CHILD member helps stymie Christian Science bill in Massachusetts 2010
Church fails to get prayer-fee mandates in health care bills 2009
Book on abuse and neglect in Christian Science 2009
Christian Science church advice to UK members  2007
CS boy dies of diabetes; no charges 2007
CHILD wins some, loses some in Iowa legislative session 2003
Massachusetts officials probe Christian Science child’s death 2003
Pregnant Christian Scientist refuses pre-natal care, delivers spina bifida baby 2003
Historian traces disputes between Christian Science and medical profession 2002
Testimonials of Christian Science healing do not have scientific value 2002
Maryland-still getting cleaner 2001
Victory in Colorado 2001
CHILD petitions U.S. Supreme Court for review 2000
Christian Science church promotes its methods as “alternative medicine” 2000
Federal appeals court rules against CHILD in split decision 2000
On chicken pox and other false claims 2000
The long scars of a child’s death 2000
Victory in Oregon – the opponents 1999
Has church changed its position on medicine? 1999
Oral arguments held in CHILD suit 1999
Gallup poll on Christian Scientists’ health behaviors 1999
CHILD files second suit against payments for Christian Science nursing 1997
Christian Scientist’s conviction overturned 1997
Justice Department realigns to CHILD’S side in suit 1997
CHILD wins ruling against public money for Christian Science nursing 1996
Liability of Christian Scientists upheld 1996
From sea to shining sea: church wins exemptions to homicide 1996
Lundman defendants ask High Court for review 1995
Christian Scientists spread largest measles outbreak since 1992 1994
Diphtheria confirmed in CS child’s death 1994
Mom talks about losing two babies in Christian Science 1994
Christian Science church excommunicates critic on children’s healthcare 1994
Jury awards $14.2 million in boy’s death 1993
Another civil suit filed 1993
Twitchell conviction overturned; duty to get medical care upheld 1993
Christian Science church reports on lobbying work 1993
Another Christian Science child dies of diabetes; prosecutor declines to file charges 1993
Tough choice saved daughter 1993
U. S. Advisory Board holds hearing; church demands rescission of invitation 1993
Struggle for children’s rights in Massachusetts 1992
A Christian Science child’s death: a look at the system 1992
Florida conviction of Christian Scientists overturned 1992
Conviction of California Christian Scientist upheld 1992
Christian Science church cancels nurses’ training 1992
Investigation into Christian Science child’s death stopped 1991
Christian Science parents withdraw appeal of conviction 1991
U.S. Supreme Court lets dismissal stand in Christian Science death 1991
Christian Science school closes 1991
Exemptions to autopsies sought 1991
Michigan physician fights Christian Science exemptions and third-party payments 1991
Minnesota Supreme Court upholds dismissal in Lundman case 1991
Suit filed against Christian Science church and agents in diabetes death 1991
Four deaths of Christian Science children in 1990 1991
Civil suits against Christian Science providers; no standards established 1991
Florida appeals court upholds conviction of Christian Scientists 1990
JAMA articles probe Christian Science claims and lobbying 1990
Christian Science parents convicted of manslaughter in Boston 1990
Christian Science mom convicted of manslaughter 1990
Another Christian Science death found; district attorney refuses to file charges 1990
Surgery saved our son 1990
Christian Science church wins in Colorado 1990
California judge acquits Christian Science couple 1990
Minnesota judge dismisses charges against Christian Science couple and healer 1990
Christian Scientists plead no contest to reckless endangerment 1989
Christian Scientists convicted in daughter’s death 1989
California Supreme Court orders Christian Scientist to stand trial 1988
Christian Science parents charged with manslaughter in Boston 1988
Christian Scientists arrested for murder in death of diabetic child 1986
Christian Science does mental surgery on hemorrhoids 1986
Child of Christian Scientists dies in suburban Boston 1986
Christian Science institutions spread another measles outbreak 1985
Defeat in Ohio 1985
Another death Christian Science child in California 1985
Measles in a virgin population 1985
The Battle for Ohio 1985
Christian Science mother charged with child endangerment 1984
Another Christian Science death to meningitis 1984

Church of God (some congregations)
Faith-healers lose infant in New Mexico 2010
California parents given jail time in daughter’s death; pastor not charged for failure to report 2003
Canadian church insists on right to hit kids 2001
Girl dies after family relies on faith for cure 2001
Louisiana jury acquits mother in faith death 1991
Louisiana mom to be retried in son’s death 1990
Mother booked in son’s death 1989
Pamela Hamilton dies 1985

Church of the Firstborn
Religion-based medical neglect kills another Oregon child 2013
Oregon Church of the Firstborn parents sentenced in son’s death 2012
Oklahoma mom sentenced to prison in son’s faith-death 2012
Washington State parents sentenced in teen’s faith death 2012
Oklahoma mom charged in diabetic boy’s death 2011
Firstborn toddler dies in Colorado 2010
Firstborn teen dies in Washington 2010
Firstborn parents sent to prison for probation violation 2004
California Firstborn parents sentenced for third child’s death 2004
Colorado parents sentenced in diabetic child’s death 2001
Firstborners get probation in baby’s death 2000
Another Firstborn child dies in Grand Junction church 2000
California Firstborn parents sentenced in son’s death 2000
Charges filed in Firstborn baby’s death in California 1999
Firstborn parents plead guilty in son’s death 1999
Indiana intervenes for Firstborn baby 1999
Firstborn baby dies at home after hospital care 1999
Another First Born death in Oregon 1998
Two First Born children die in Indiana 1998
Oklahoma First Born baby still in state custody 1998
Two faith deaths in Oklahoma 1998
Another First Born death in Colorado 1998
First Born child dies of untreated meningitis 1997
First Born death in Colorado 1997
Oregon dad convicted in medical neglect death 1996
California parents convicted in daughter’s death 1996
First Born parents convicted in baby’s death 1995
Charges filed in Oregon boy’s death 1995
Colorado parents plea bargain in daughter’s death 1992
Faith-healing parents charged in baby’s death 1991
Church of the First Born baby dies in California 1990
Charges filed in Colorado girl’s death 1990
Court upholds convictions in faith death 1988
Three Kansas childbirth deaths tied to Church of the First Born 1986
Oklahoma deals with faith deaths 1984

End Time Ministries
South Dakota keeps exemption to misdemeanor 1998
End Timers convicted in daughter’s death 1992
End Timers charged in Florida for daughter’s death 1991
End Time parents sentenced on abuse charges 1991
End Time parets charged with child abuse 1990
End Time baby dies without medical care 1989

Faith Assembly
Surviving Faith Assembly: A Former Cult Member’s Story A video 11/14/2014
Faith Assembly couple lose custody of 7 children 1991
More deaths of Faith Assembly children in Indiana 1990
Parents settle suit against Faith Assembly 1988
No charges filed in stillborn baby’s death 1987
Retrial ordered for Faith Assembly couple 1987
Faith used as defense in child’s death 1987
Indiana supreme court upholds conviction for faith death 1986
Another Ohio child dies because of religious beliefs against medicine 1986
Faith Assembly deaths continue 1986
Latest Faith Assembly prosecutions 1985
Winkelmans to appeal 1985
Faith Assembly – Focus on “legitimate practice of…religious belief” 1984
Faith Assembly comes to Iowa 1984
Civil lawsuit against Faith Assembly 1984
Many deaths reported in Indiana and other states 1984

Faith Tabernacle
Pennsylvania parents charged in toddler’s faith death 2017
Philadelphia death shows need for reform 2003
Nixons’ conviction upheld; CHILD filed amicus brief in case 2000
Parents sentenced for letting toddler bleed to death 1999
Child endangerment conviction in Faith Tabernacle case 1999
Philly parents ordered to get medical care; they regain custody 1998
Faith Tabernacle parents convicted for medical neglect 1998
19 hours of agony 1997
6 Kids die in one family 1997
Faith Tabernacle parents convicted for second child’s death 1997
Parents let another child die for religious belief 1996
Pennsylvania parents given jail terms in baby’s death 1992
Another faith death in Philadelphia 1992
Faith Tabernacle parents guilty in son’s death 1991
Another Faith Tabernacle child dies in Pennsylvania 1991
Faith Tabernacle twins die 1990
High Court declines to review Barnhart conviction 1988

Faith Temple of the Church of the Apoltolic Faith
Wisconsin minister charged in exorcism death 2003

Fellowship, The
Florida parents charged for medical neglect 1999
Florida boy likely suffered for hours 1998
Florida parents charged for fatal medical neglect and failure to report 1997

First-Century Gospel
Pennsylvania religious objectors lose a second baby 2013
Vaccine-preventable deaths in Philadelphia 2010
Faith-based midwifery has tragic results 2010
Court orders surgery for boy in faith-healing church 1993

Followers of Christ
Followers of Christ in Idaho: At least ten more child deaths uncovered A video news report 11/7/2013
Followers sentenced to long prison terms in baby’s death 2011
Victory in Oregon 2011
Followers convicted for baby’s injuries 2011
Another Followers of Christ couple charged in death of baby 2010
More Followers of Christ charged with manslaughter and criminal mistreatment to infants 2010
Followers of Christ parents sentenced in Oregon 2010
First Followers’ death in Oregon since religious exemptions partially repealed 2003
Victory in Oregon – the opponents 1999
Another Followers of Christ child dies 1999
90 deaths of kids found in Followers of Christ 1998

Full Gospel Deliverance Church
Faith death conviction in North Carolina 1994
Faith-healing parents indicted for death of diabetic son 1993

Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints (not the Church of Latter-Day Saints aka Mormon Church)
FLDS boys endure various punishments 2014
Child labor violations widespread 2014
Some polygamy abuses exposed 2006
Severe birth defect common in polygamous community 2006

Grace Baptist Church
Mississippi minister pleads guilty in faith death; first case in U. S. history 1994

Hare Krishna
Hare Krishna sued for child abuse 2000
Hare Krishna details abuse at boarding schools 1998

House of Yahweh
Yahweh healer given probation in fatal “surgery” 2007

Muslim clerics oppose polio vaccine 2005

Jehovah’s Witnesses
Jehovah’s Witness teen dies after refusing blood 2010
Supreme Court of Canada upholds transfusion order 2009
Boy dies after refusing blood 2007
Witness parents must coach kids 2005
God’s law, Caesar’s law, and suffering children 2002
Dying teen puts faith above father 2002
Jehovah’s Witnesses drop prohibitions against some transfusions 2000
Jehovah’s Witness position on blood changing 1998
Witnesses’ use of medical evidence: a pediatrician responds 1995
Mature minor given right to refuse blood 1993
Jehovah’s Witnesses and surgeons: a collusion? 1992
Witnesses and blood continued 1992
Inconsistencies in Jehovah’s Witness doctrine explored 1992
Massachusetts high court supports transfusion order for child 1990
Jehovah’s Witnesses file two lawsuits over transfusions 1990
“Mature” Jehovah’s Witness minor may be forced to have transfusion 1988

No Greater Joy Ministries
Parents sentenced for Biblical chastisement 2011
Washington parents charged in adopted child’s death 2011
Why are Pearl’s books so popular? 2011
Corporal punishment and the Bible 2011
Hitting children by divine decree 2010

One Mind Ministries
Baby starved to exorcise demons 2009

Orthodox Judaism
Child sex abuse coverup among Orthodox Jews New York Times 7/22/2013
Barriers to reporting in Orthodox community 2011
Why religious culture permits sexual abuse 2011
Kol Tzedek, Voice of justice] 2011
Infant dies after circumcision ritual 2011
Baby’s death sparks investigation of mohel 2004

Faith-based midwifery has tragic results 2010
Children bred for holy war 2006

Remnant Fellowship
Remnant parents sentenced in fatal beating 2007
Remnant minister says hitting kids is necessary to save families from eternal damnation 2004

Scientologists file federal suit on screening 2010
Scientology seek exemption from newborn screening laws 2003
Scientologists convicted of child endangerment and failure to report 1998

Stonegate Christian Commune
Case against Stonegate leader comes to trial” 1984

True Followers of Christ Church
Oklahoma parents convicted in medical neglect death 1995

Unleavened Bread Ministries
Wisconsin girl dies of untreated diabetes 2008

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