Judicial Decisions

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Florida gag order on doctors struck down
Followers convicted for baby’s injuries
Federal appeals court upholds vaccine law
CHILD files amicus brief in immunization appeal
New York pantheist denied immunization
Louisiana court rejects religious immunity in child sex abuse
Followers of Christ parents sentenced in Oregon
Court gives authority for child’s medical care to the parent without religious beliefs against immunizations
Canada’s Supreme Court gives guidance for assessing teen maturity
Witness child allowed to die without transfusion
Policy on “mature minors”
Foster child deprived of vaccines on religious grounds
Texas mom given life sentence in fatal discipline
Yahweh healer given probation in fatal “surgery”
Vegans convicted for starving son
Remnant parents sentenced in fatal beating
Charges dismissed in UK toddler’s death
Federal court rules against religious exemption
Religious defense rejected in child sex abuse
Firstborn midwife won’t obey injunction
Intervention failures
Florida parents convicted for religion-related torture
Indiana Firstborners sentenced in baby’s death
Religious defense rejected in child sex abuse
Raw-foods parents acquitted in baby’s death
No First Amendment right to exemption from screening
Robidoux convicted in baby’s starvation death
Firstborners violate parole, go to prison
Faith Temple minister sentenced in boy’s exorcism death
Firstborn parents sentenced for third child’s death
California parents, but not pastor, sentenced in child’s death
Queens couple found guilty of assault in vegan case

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