An Oklahoma bill to protect children in faith-healing sects

Oklahoma has lost many children because of religious beliefs against medical care. State law does not protect these children adequately and in 2010 Oklahoma laws were made worse with passage of a religious defense to felony neglect. Oklahoma is the only state to add a religious exemption to its child abuse or neglect laws since 1997.

Senator Kim David has introduced SB393 to establish the standard that all parents have a duty to provide children with necessary medical care regardless of their religious beliefs. Representative Leslie Osborn is the House sponsor.

CHILD has set up an Oklahoma chapter to work for passage of SB393. Prevent Child Abuse Oklahoma has also endorsed the bill. For more information please click on the links below to our press release and the bill.

To join CHILD’s efforts in getting this bill passed, you can contact CHILD here.

CHILD press release
Text of SB393

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