Corporal punishment

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Religious attitudes on corporal punishment A CHILD overview
An Oregon Followers of Christ mother pleads guilty to criminally mistreating her son 6/28/2022
Religious Freedom Claim Does Not Block Child-Abuse Investigation, Court Rules 7/2021
Free Saints Assembly parents refuse custody deal that prohibits corporal punishment 4/9/2019
North Carolina church uses power, lies to keep grip on kids 11/12/2017
Michigan Supreme Court to hear faith-based medical neglect case 10/3/2017
UCC calls for ban on corporal punishment in institutions 7/2017
Decades of abuse at North Carolina church commune reported 2/27/2017
Minnesota pastor beats boy because boy wanted to test God 12/22/2016
Mom who cited religious freedom pleads guilty 10/28/2016
Children of the Tribes 9/1/2015
Fundamentalists sentenced in death of Ethiopian adoptee 11/9/2013
UK investigates Twelve Tribes for severe corporal punishment 9/29/2013
Presbyterians pass resolutions against corporal punishment 2012
United Methodist Church renews policies against corporal punishment 2012
Parents sentenced for Biblical chastisement 2011
Washington parents charged in adopted child’s death 2011
Why are Pearl’s books so popular? 2011
Corporal punishment and the Bible 2011
CNN Video story: Fundamentalist Christians beat daughter to death in the name of God 8/15/2011
Hitting children by divine decree 2010
Texas mom given life sentence in fatal discipline 2007
Remnant parents sentenced in fatal beating 2007
Pastor charged for beating sex abuse victim 2006
Christian Family Institute orders spankings for child disclosing abuse 2006
Religion-based abuse claims frustrate states 2006
Abuse charged at North Carolina boarding school 2005
Florida parents convicted for religion-related torture 2005
Remnant minister says hitting kids is necessary to save families from eternal damnation 2004
Methodist resolutions against CP 2004
Biblical rationale 2004
Iowa couple sues church-run day care 2003
Texas pastor sentenced in child beating 2003
What the Bible says about Corporal Punishment A book announcement and excerpt

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